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  • As you are waiting to be sent, PRÄZIS kids are coming for you

    PRÄZIS kids committed to solving the problem of myopia among young people and children, so that children can see more possibilities in the field of vision, get a perspective beyond imagination, and have their own new generation of accurate future!

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  • PRAZIS,New Generation Lens

    PRAZIS 5 degree high precision lens is more accurate than the international common 25 degree lens.  

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  • PRAZIS Enter into China,A New 5 degree Generation Lens

    PRAZIS comes from German Präzise, which means "precision", and aims to bring users a more accurate and clear visual experience. 

    PRAZIS will adhere to the value of "precision", so that Chinese consumers can enjoy the precision fitting experience brought by

     the new generation of lenses.

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  • A new generation of lenses has officially entered China!

    Strong gene, dare to be the first! The new generation of lenses, derived from the joint research results of global opticians, provide you with more professional, more accurate and more comfortable quality services.

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  • Seiko and intelligent manufacturing unlock the birth of a new generation of lenses

    Lens manufacturing is a kind of precise craftsmanship art. It measures the world with clarity and measures the future with precision. Professional, scientific, rigorous and precise, it creates the birth of a new generation of Boz lenses.

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  • Explore the precise meaning of Boz lenses

    Every lens is hard won. From the moment we pursue higher accuracy, it is destined to achieve something extraordinary.

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