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  • PRAZIS officially joined AOMA Asia Optometry Practice Management Association

    PRAZIS entry into AOMA is a milestone event in the industry, which marks the higher recognition of the new generation of 5-degree high-precision lenses in the industry.It also lays a strong authoritative support and professional foundation for further promoting the 5-degree precision optometry and precision matching technology,and fully demonstrates Boz's determination to develop the cause of optometry scientifically and its precise pursuit of promoting the development trend of higher industry standards.

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  • Welcome to PRAZIS 5 New Generation Lens

    In 1910, the first generation optometry standardwas established for optical lenses, 

    with 100 degrees as the precise spacing of lenses, which was the first step

     to refresh the horizon. From 100 ° - 50 ° - 25 ° - 5 °, after more than 100 years, 

    the world's first 5-degree lens was finally born!

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